• No Bowls, No Coals.

    The world's first electric hookah to feature tobacco capsules.


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  • How it works

    Replace the coal

    The PowerHookah™ has done away with charcoal for good! We have replaced it with an electric heating element for a cleaner tasting experience. Making the PowerHookah a green hookah.

    Add capsules

    Are you always the one packing the bowls? With the introduction of capsules, you won't need to anymore. We are working with various shisha manufacturers to bring you all the flavors you love!

  • You won't find anything like it.

    Imagine smoking with the push of a button!

    No More Bowls

    No more dirty fingers
    No more stale tobacco
    No need to poke holes

    No More Coals

    Never buy coal again
    No more chemical byproducts from coal
    No more fire hazard

    No More Setup

    Virtually no setup time

    Quickly change flavors
    Charge and use at the same time