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No Bowls, No Coals.

The world's first electric hookah to feature tobacco capsules. The simple one touch activated system provides a truly hands off hookah experience unlike any other hookah.

You won't find anything like it.

1 Bowl

No More Bowls

No more dirty fingers
No more stale tobacco
No need to poke holes

2 Charcoal

No More Coals

Never buy coal again
No more chemical byproducts from coal
No more fire hazard

3 Clock

No More Setup

Virtually no setup time
Quickly change flavors
Charge and use at the same time

Our team

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Elie Kanawati

Business Development & Strategy

Project development and planning to rollout several products while keeping costs low. I love guiding entrepreneurs and small companies to save time and money.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 10.20.53 PM

Alex Benjamignan

Creative Designer & Tinkerer

Using my background in engineering, I have taken several ideas and turned them into physical products using CAD and 3D printing tech.

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